Masterlift 5

Credits: Inwerk GmbH
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Inwerk GmbH
DE-40670 Meerbusch  

Karl Bell

The slender all-steel feet are reminiscent of outriggers, giving the electric height-adjustable desk frame a striking appearance and making it seem to hover in mid-air. Thanks to the modular concept, the basic unit can either be used on its own or combined to create long or deep configurations, permitting arrangements like sit-stand conference tables that can be raised to a height of up to 134 centimetres. The cable, control unit and sockets adjust to suit the change in height. Lamps, privacy panels or trays can be attached directly to the desk.

An immaculately designed desk with interestingly shaped feet. The direct integration of lighting and the possibility of creating long and deep units are compelling solutions. As a result, stand-up meetings are finally an option.