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Modular parklet system

Credits: Livable Cities GmbH I Yalla Yalla!
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Livable Cities GmbH
DE-68159 Mannheim

Yalla Yalla!
DE-68159 Mannheim

Many cities are trying to reallocate public space and are questioning the dominance of the car. That means repurposing parking spaces on a temporary or permanent basis – with parklets that are simply placed in the street space. The 15-piece modular system makes this controversial step considerably easier by providing preconfigured elements that can serve as a deck, a bench, a bike stand, tiered seating, a stand-up counter or a planter. Two metres deep and 1.2 metres wide, the modules fit perfectly onto parking spaces and permit all sorts of individual combinations: home zones or interactive spaces, for instance, or simply areas for people to use however they like.

A highly attractive and refreshing solution for a very topical urban issue. The simplicity and combinability of the modules is impressive. As a result, the parklet idea doesn’t need to be reinvented for every municipality and cities can become more people-friendly again.