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Kitchen knife series

Credits: Mono GmbH I Wahrmann Design
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Mono GmbH
DE-40822 Mettmann

Wahrmann Design
Gido Wahrmann
DE-45549 Sprockhövel   

An unexpected shape, an immediate sense of familiarity as soon as they’re put to use – that was the starting point for the concept behind this three-piece series of high-end knives. The blade and handle are cut out of high-performance stainless chromium steel in one piece and then tempered. The blades are then ground and finished using the traditional Solingen fine-grinding technique known as “Pliessten”, an elaborate process based on rotating leather wheels that enhances the cutting quality, edge-retention and corrosion-resistance of the knives. An injection moulding process is then used to coat the handles with glass fibre reinforced polyamide, ensuring a pleasant feel and creating a deliberate contrast with the silver blades.

It’s surprising how well the knives sit in the hand despite their unusually shaped handles. The blade takes the same new approach, celebrating kinks and edges rather than organic lines. In addition, the voids in the handles mean less plastic is required.