Pop-Up Office
Office elements

Credits: Ongo GmbH I UP Designstudio GmbH & Co. KG
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Ongo GmbH
DE-70193 Stuttgart  

UP Designstudio GmbH & Co. KG
DE-70469 Stuttgart    

The world of work is changing rapidly. While monotonous work routines are increasingly being taken over by robots or artificial intelligence, tomorrow’s workforce will adopt more creative, more collaborative and more agile practices – and they’ll need the right concepts and structures to create the appropriate environments. The Pop-Up Office consists of individual components that can be added to as required. Equipped with a hydraulic height-adjustment system, the multiplex desk is mobile and paired with the manufacturer’s tried-and-tested stool, which has a domed base for active sitting and thus demonstrably improves concentration. The stool is also height-adjustable and can be hooked into a groove in the desk by means of a magnetic holder. Various boards – including extremely light pin- and whiteboards, as well as mobile models and monitor boards – put the finishing touches to the office concept.

A very honest system that puts its cards on the table and always leaves the material visible. As compared to similar solutions on the market, the elements are lighter, more flexible and full of optimistic charm. In addition to their convincing usability, the elements are multifunctional and made of sustainable materials.