Gaming chair

Credits: Recaro Gaming GmbH & Co. KG I Recaro Holding Inhouse Design
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Recaro Gaming GmbH & Co. KG
DE-70176 Stuttgart

Recaro Holding Inhouse Design
DE-70597 Stuttgart

Nowadays gaming isn’t just a popular leisure activity, it’s a professionally operated, international competition business as well. Because they often spend hours at a time in front of their monitors, deep in concentration, gamers need specially designed chairs. Exo provides support during play and makes it easier to relax during the often short breaks. The chair offers a choice of four different positions – including Attack mode, which tilts the backrest forward in keeping with the high level of tension and concentration during this phase of the game. Both the shape and contouring of the shell and the 5D armrests hold the body in the optimal position, while the projecting side bolsters on the high head section screen the gamer from their surroundings. Both the design and the adjustment of the backrest deliberately echo elements from the company’s automotive seating division.

Compared with other representatives of its genre, this gaming chair is refreshingly simple but far more upscale and meticulously designed right down to the last detail. Its special adjustment options provide meaningful and effective support for the target group, while the aesthetic and formal characteristics are a good fit with the special expectations of its users.