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Gecko 200
Adhesive binding machine

Credits: Ribler GmbH I Brunse05
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Ribler GmbH
DE-70567 Stuttgart

DE-58097 Hagen

The machine is the first to produce hardcover books with a lay-flat binding in just one automated step. Exposing and pretreating the cellulose fibres on the spinal edges reduces the amount of adhesive required by up to 80 percent. The specially developed adhesive is water-based and does not require a separate drying process. According to the manufacturer, that reduces the amount of energy required by up to 99 percent as compared to previous practices. The machine, which is intended for book-on-demand production, can be connected to the internet and maintained remotely.
Thanks to the transparent front, every step in the process can be monitored at any time. The tools can be accessed in one easy move and are positioned at an ergonomic height.

Self-published books are very much on trend – especially personalised photo albums. Besides permitting faster and more sustainable production, the system also ensures a better and more durable binding. The highly innovative process is paired with an unobtrusive, almost neutral design.