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Credits: Roland Wolf GmbH
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Roland Wolf GmbH
AT-6671 Weißenbach a. Lech


Up until now, the young Austrian company’s market presence has mainly been defined by sustainably produced eyewear frames made of wood. In the case of the new Substance collection, the basic ingredient is a powder obtained from the castor oil plant, a fast-growing member of the spurge family. Like all the eyewear in the collection, the sunglasses are 3D-printed. The screwless Flexlock hinge that attaches the temples to the frame is printed as part of the glasses. Various grinding processes are subsequently used to refine the surfaces until the finish is pleasant to the touch.
Every model is handcrafted at the company’s Tyrol site and thus in keeping with its goal of regional, sustainable production with a minimal ecological footprint.

Rather than being finished to perfection, the rough surfaces resulting from the manufacturing process – usually considered a flaw – are retained to a certain extent and thus cleverly transformed into a special feature that delivers an interesting tactile experience. In this series too, the hinge solution is expertly implemented.