Curtain track

Credits: Zimmer + Rohde GmbH I Schmiddem Design 

Zimmer + Rohde GmbH
DE-61440 Oberursel

Schmiddem Design
DE-10777 Berlin   

With its striking, Y-shaped cross-section, the curtain track cuts an eye-catching figure despite its understated design language. Mounting elements between the two arms of the Y ensure the necessary distance from the ceiling and even out any irregularities in its surface. Available with both single and double tracks, the product can also be attached to the wall by using different mounts.

Besides creating a sturdy-looking connection with the ceiling, the Y-shaped cross-section also ensures a harmonious transition to the curtain thanks to its tapering shape. Defining a curtain track as a self-assured element of the interior rather than dematerialising it to the max is a very refreshing approach.