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This month we present some of the exciting events and fascinating topics that are coming up at the Design Center Baden-Württemberg.

They include the Baden-Württemberg International Design Award FOCUS OPEN 2023 and the Mia Seeger Prize 2023 – the call for entries for both has already opened. Why not take part – the competitions are a great opportunity to present your design achievements on an international stage!

If you’re looking for inspiration, there are two upcoming DesignLese events to look forward to. The first is on 01 March 2023 and explores the topic of artificial intelligence – a fascinating subject that’s on everybody’s minds right now, and not just in the design world.

Talking of artificial intelligence: with its AI Champions BW competition, Baden-Württemberg’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism showcases successful AI solutions made in Baden-Württemberg and is now calling for entries for the fourth time.

nd our final tip: an extremely useful dossier on financing for players in the cultural and creative industries.

As you can see, the next few weeks will be pretty eventful – with plenty of opportunities to explore some of the crucial issues facing the design world right now.

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Win compelling arguments to use in your communications and perfect publicity!

Once again, companies and professional designers from all over the world are invited to enter their newest and most innovative design solutions for FOCUS OPEN 2023, the Baden-Württemberg International Design Award.

Never before has professional design been so important and so self-evident as it is today. The Baden-Württemberg state award FOCUS OPEN provides an annual and transparent roundup of what’s state of the art when it comes to design, innovation and sustainability. And in 2023, Focus Open is once again rewarding new products, services and concepts for their innovativeness and design quality.

With FOCUS OPEN, startups, newcomers and founders have the same chances of winning an award for their fascinating and forward-looking projects as established design agencies and companies do!

Win Gold, Silver, a Special Mention – or even Meta – as well as an international publicity boost in the form of our yearbook, exhibition and online presentation.


Find out more here.


Calling young designers!

The Mia Seeger Prize is underway again – and that’s good news for young designers whose coursework or finals project addresses one of the many aspects of social design. Because in 2023 too, that means the chance of a place on the winners’ podium for the legendary Mia Seeger Prize. The deadline for entries is 31 March 2023 – so save the date! Details of the entry conditions are available on the Mia Seeger Foundation’s website (in German only).

30 years of Blickfang design fair in Stuttgart

An anniversary in celebration of individuality and pioneering spirit.

From 10 to 12 March 2023, BLICKFANG STUTTGART is celebrating its 30th anniversary – and the Design Center Baden-Württemberg is joining in!

As part of the state’s efforts to promote design and economic development, the Design Center Baden-Württemberg has been driving dialogue between business and industry on the one hand and the design community on the other for more than 60 years. The BLICKFANG STUTTGART design fair has been a close cooperation partner for many years – which is why, on 01 March 2023, the Design Center Baden-Württemberg and BLICKFANG STUTTGART are hosting a fascinating Design Talk together (in German only). We’d love to see you!


MOVE: design and artificial intelligence

Together with the aed e.V., Design Center Baden-Württemberg invites you to attend a talk event on the subject of artificial intelligence (AI).

Today we encounter AI in many different areas – will it replace designers too one day? Or is it more that machine learning systems can help us make our designed environment even better by providing support for human creativity (rather than replacing it)? In the course of our event, we aim to take stock of the current situation and combine those insights with a look into the (potential) future. What is special about AI, what impacts does it have on the design process – and how can designers make the best use of the new possibilities artificial intelligence offers them?

The speakers and discussion partners joining us for the evening will be author and designer Marc Engenhart, Stefan Lippert, managing director of UP Design Studio, and Dr Andreas Stiegler, creative technologist at Strichpunkt Design.

The talk event (in German only) will take place at the Design Center Baden-Württemberg on 08 March 2023, 19.00 – 21.00.

AI Champions Baden-Württemberg

The AI Champions BW competition is calling for entries for the fourth time!
The awards will be presented at the Digital Summit

“One answer to the challenges of our time is artificial intelligence. AI is a key technology with enormous potential. And AI made in BW has long since been a reality, because there are already a great many companies who are making successful use of AI solutions in Baden-Württemberg. That’s why, with the AI Champions, we want to present examples of best practice from companies, research institutes and AI clusters who are already making successful use of AI solutions or driving outstanding AI innovations. Our goal is to increase national and international visibility and make an effective contribution to Baden-Württemberg’s development as an AI location. At the Digital Summit, we aim to provide a fitting stage for the AI Champions Baden-Württemberg 2023,” said Baden-Württemberg’s State Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism Dr Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut MDL today (19 January), announcing the call for entries in Stuttgart.

Find out more here

Federal Competence Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries – Dossier

The subject of financing is a major challenge for many entrepreneurs in the creative sector – and not just since the pandemic. For many founders, access to capital and investors is crucial to the success of their business model, especially in the growth phase. That’s why the Federal Competence Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries is taking an in-depth look at this topic in its new dossier (in German only), which contains lots of practical tips, service information and an overview of useful contacts and addresses.