We hope you’re having a great summer! As part of our ENTDECKT! exhibition series, we’ll be introducing you to some very special and talented designers at regular intervals over the next few months. In this bulletin we present textile designer Carolyn Raff and furniture designer Emile van Hoogdalem. Plus, the jury for our international design award FOCUS OPEN met in July, and we’re delighted to share some impressions from the two days of intensive judging! 

Last but not least, we’ve rounded up some more great book tips from our Design Library for you. Whether you’re a professional designer, just getting started or simply interested in design – everybody’s welcome here! 

Kind regards – and stay well!
The Design Center team

Young design firms in the spotlight!

ENTDECKT! is a very special initiative by the Design Center Baden-Württemberg.
The underlying idea: to track down design talents from Baden-Württemberg and give them the opportunity to present themselves to a broad public at the Haus der Wirtschaft, right in the heart of Stuttgart.

We offer a variety of options: an exhibition together with other newly discovered designers, a small solo exhibition, a presentation in our library or a detailed portrait on our website and in our newsletter. These many and varied platforms are also promoted in other components of our public relations activities.
The prerequisite: the participating designers have their studio in Baden-Württemberg and can present a compelling portfolio and exceptional projects!
We actually wanted to present our discoveries to you back in May, but corona put a stop to that. Now the exhibition is scheduled to take place at the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart from 10 December 2020 to 25 January 2021.
And to make sure you don’t get bored in the meantime, we’ll be interviewing two of the protagonists every month and introducing them to you to in our regular news bulletins.

This month we interviewed furniture designer Emile van Hoogdalem and textile designer Carolyn Raff. You’ll find links to all the talented designers featured in ENTDECKT! 2020 here.

The jury has met!

The Focus Open awards were judged in person!

No, the corona crisis couldn’t stop Focus Open 2020! For a long time, it wasn’t clear whether the judging could take place as usual – or would have to take the form of a video chat. That would have been difficult – especially for a jury that very literally wants to get a feel for the products and assess them seriously. Postponing the judging from April till July helped – and meant it was possible to hold an intense two-day jury session and judge the entries on the basis of the physical products.

Click here to see how the jury went about its work and detailed information about our jurors. 

Our latest book tips


Fashion Futurist
Author: Pascal Johanssen (ed.)
Publisher: Christof Kerber GmbH & Co. KG

The French fashion designer Pierre Cardin (*1922) is regarded as a fashion futurist and pioneer of prêt-à-porter fashion. As a couturier, he works like a sculptor, with his designs defined by the idea of plasticity. His geometric language of forms and three-dimensional designs are still distinctive today. The Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf is the first museum in Germany to dedicate an extensive presentation to the internationally renowned fashion designer. The exhibition provides an overview of Cardin’s huge creative cosmos: clothing and accessories from the 1950s to the 1990s, as well as photos and film material. The accompanying publication offers manifold insights into the wonderful world of Pierre Cardin. (Kerber)

Die Architektur des Design
Author: Hans Gugelot
Ed.: HfG-Archiv / Museum Ulm
Publisher: av edition GmbH

Dutch architect Hans Gugelot came to Ulm School of Design (HfG) in 1954.His product designs made a significant contribution to the success of the legendary institution. In 1956, he collaborated with Dieter Rams on the development of the SK 4 radio for Braun. Nicknamed Snow White’s Coffin, it became an icon of West German postwar design.
Hans Gugelot designed numerous products for leading manufacturers: shavers, furniture, sewing machines, slide projectors, commuter trains. Besides teaching at the HfG, he also helped establish India’s National Institute of Design, which today has three locations in the country. In addition, he provided crucial impetus for the development of “industrial designer” as a recognised profession. (...)(av edition)

The exhibition at the HfG Archive in Ulm will run until 29.11.2020.
Am Hochsträß 8
89081 Ulm

Authors: P. Kiedaisch, S. Marinescu, J. Poesch
Publisher: av edition GmbH
Das Kompendium zur vernetzten Gestaltungsdisziplin

Scenography has long since established itself as a differentiated discipline – be it as a field of professional activity, a degree course or a design attitude. As soon as stories are translated into space and made to talk, various experts are involved in turning a scenography into what it should ideally be: a narrative visitor experience that is highly emotional, communicative and memorable. HYPERLINK \t "_blank"(av edition GmbH)

Nordic Design
The Response to the Bauhaus
Author: Tobias Hoffmann, Bröhan-Museum Berlin (ed.)
Publisher: arnoldsche ART PUBLISHERS

Nordic Design deals with the Nordic countries’ reaction to the Bauhaus and German modernism. In the late 1920s, a new kind of design celebrated its first successes across the Nordic countries. The unique living conditions in Finland influenced the new design language just as much as the Swedish postulate “Beauty for everyone” or the Danes’ predilection for craftsmanship.
The respective characteristics of the Nordic countries gave rise to a very distinct interpretation of functionalism. The focus was not, as so often the case in Germany, on the avant-garde form, but on finding a tailor-made solution for any given task. As a result, Scandinavian functionalism succeeded in becoming the constant that defined the identity of the Nordic nations. (arnoldsche ART PUBLISHERS)