We’ve got plenty of interesting design topics for you in November! This month there’s a new Design Story, for instance: Slogdesign has been developing product design + cross-media communication concepts for many years. The hybrid award ceremony for our Baden-Württemberg International Design Award Focus Open 2020 and the Mia Seeger Prize 2020 was a resounding success! Why not lean back and watch our live stream of the event again. Plus, planning is underway for our Entdeckt! exhibition series. We invite you to meet some successful design talents from Baden-Württemberg – today we’re presenting the Muto’ company and designer Velia Dietz. We’ve also compiled another selection of book tips from our Design Library for you.

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The Design Center team

Good design is obsessed with detail

Slogdesign has been a permanent part of Baden Württemberg’s industrial design landscape for more than two decades. But the Biberach-based firm’s expertise is broader based than that and encompasses communication design too – a meaningful combination that serves its clients well. Find out why in our latest Design Story.

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FOCUS OPEN 2020 – the yearbook is now available!
Focus Open rewards forward-looking design!

Design adds value and gives companies a competitive edge. Never before has professional design been so important and so much a matter of course as it is today. Focus Open, the Baden-Württemberg state award for design, provides an annual and transparent roundup of what’s state of the art when it comes to design, innovation and sustainability. And in 2020, Focus Open once again rewarded new products, services and concepts for their innovativeness and design quality.

Click here to see how the jury went about its work and detailed information about our jurors.

Award ceremony
The Focus Open 2020 winners were presented with their awards at the Forum am Schlosspark event and congress centre in Ludwigsburg on 16 October 2020. You can watch the award ceremony here.

Unfortunately, the original award-winning exhibits can no longer be admired at the MIK [Museum, Information, Art] in Ludwigsburg until 22 November as planned. Because of the current corona regulations, the museum has to remain closed throughout November.

A comprehensive yearbook that presents all the award-winning products from the exhibition in both German and English has now been published. The top-quality images and detailed product descriptions are supplemented by vivid commentary from the jury.
The yearbook is available from retailers
Published by Design Center Baden-Württemberg
av edition
ISBN 978-3-89986-335-2


Young design firms in the spotlight!

ENTDECKT! is a very special initiative by the Design Center Baden-Württemberg.
The intention: to track down design talents from Baden-Württemberg and give them the opportunity to present themselves to a broad public at the Haus der Wirtschaft, right in the heart of Stuttgart.
There are various ways of doing that: an exhibition together with other newly discovered designers, a small solo exhibition, a presentation in our library or a detailed portrait on our website and in our newsletter. These many and varied platforms are also promoted in other components of our public relations activities.

The prerequisite: the participating designers have their studio in Baden-Württemberg and can present a compelling portfolio and exceptional projects!

Originally planned for May 2020, the exhibition is now due to take place at the Haus der Wirtschaft from 10 December 2020 to 25 January 2021.

So that you can find out more about the featured designers in the meantime, we’ll be conducting interviews with the protagonists and presenting them to you in our regular news bulletins between now and December.

This month we interviewed the Muto’ company and designer Velia Dietz. You’ll find links to all the talented designers featured in ENTDECKT! 2020 here.
Our latest book tips!

The Visual History of Type
Author: Paul McNeil 
Publisher: Laurence King

A comprehensive survey of the major typefaces produced since the advent of printing with movable type in the 15th century to the present. Arranged chronologically for context, more than 320 typefaces are displayed in the form of their original type specimens or earliest printing. (Laurence King Verlag)

When trash becomes treasure
Author: Katie Treggiden
Publisher: Ludion

We live in the age of the Anthropocene; human activity is the dominant force affecting the climate and man-made and organic materials are becoming irreversibly intertwined. As natural resources dwindle, designers are exploring the potential of increasingly plentiful waste streams to become the raw materials of the future.

Wasted. When trash becomes treasure celebrates 30 optimistic and enterprising designers, makers and manufacturers who use waste as their primary resource, offering a rare glimpse into the embryonic world they inhabit. Accompanying these profiles, five in-depth and thematic essays will explore the societal, cultural and environmental implications of their work. (...) (Ludion)

Design ist mehr als schnell mal schön
Author: Maren Martschenko
Publisher: Verlag Hermann Schmidt

Design is visualised corporate strategy. Design consulting paves your way to a new field of business!
The economy has a new contract to award: design consulting!
In volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times, design is gaining new relevance. Business consultancies have discovered the term “design thinking” for it – but as a designer, that’s something you’ve been practising all along. Time to use it for your own success! (...) (Verlag Hermann Schmidt)

Nachhaltig, menschlich fair - mit Haltung zum Erfolg
Author: Antje von Dewitz
Publisher: Benevento

Think sustainably, manage successfully!

What if a company took its responsibility for humans and nature seriously? If an entrepreneur took values like sustainability, balancing family and career and trust, turned them into a practical company philosophy and consistently lived by that philosophy herself? Antje von Dewitz and her team show that it’s possible to throw paradigms of economic success for which there are seemingly no alternatives overboard and still be pretty successful. A clever, optimistic and inspiring book. (...) (Benevento)

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